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Verbonden met zakenpartners uit verschillende branches

De grootste successen vier je samen. Daarom hebben we een internationaal partner netwerk opgebouwd waarin verschillende branches samenkomen. Op die manier worden aandachtsgebieden, vraag en aanbod als ook oplossingen aangereikt uit verschillende invalshoeken. De door ons geselecteerde partners en bewezen cooperaties vormen de basis voor dit enorme potentieel aan waarde. Als u zoekt naar extra services of als u op zoek bent naar nieuwe marktopeningen, dan is ons partner netwerk zeker iets voor u.



webshop-factoy.com – the comparison site for the most popular shopsystems and e-commerce service prodiver: free of charge functions- and price overviews can be accessed for the direct comparison between the providers. Results of these researches and tests are constantly updated and published on the webshop factory portal.

Contact to Webshop Factory:

Tel: 069 - 5050 47 420

Email: info@webshop-factory.com

Poseidon is a cloud-based software that combines all the advantages of the stationary trade with the advantages of Online / Mobile Shops.

Contact to POSeidon:

Phone: +49 761 3869469-0
E-Mail: info@poseidon.digital

EHI retail Institute is a scientific institute of commerce. To the round about 750 members belong international trading companies and their industry association, producers of consumer and durable goods, and different service providers. Furthermore EHI corporates with the most important Institutes and associations of commerce.


Contact to Ehi Retail Institute:

Tel: +49 (0) 2 21/5 79 93-0

E-Mail: info(at)ehi.org

Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH (www.moeller-horcher.de) is a public relation agency which is primarily specialized in business-to-business-communications of IT- and high tech companies.


Contact to Möller Horcher:

E-Mail: marco.pfohl(at)moeller-horcher.de

Lodgit provides everything what is need for a professional hotel software and online booking systems. With this software you are able to manage different accommodations, to receive online bookings and to integrate timetables and room capacity calendars into your website.

Contact to Lodgit:

E-Mail: info(at)lodgit.com

Spark 5 GmbH is a professional full service agency which supports you from the first idea to the realization of you e-commerce business and beyond. Although the realization and integration of oxid-based online shops with heidelpay is one of the main competences.

Contact to Spark5:

Tel: +49 6151 8508-0

E-Mail: info(at)spark5.de

With Shopsave your online shop will become absolutely legally conform! No text-generator! Individual creation of your legal texts from an on e-commerce-law specialized lawyer.


Contact to shopsave:

Tel: +49 (0)421 408 967 61 1

E-Mail: info(at)shopsave.de

Hucke Media offers an extensive e-commerce knowhow in fields like online –shops and ERP-Systems. In addition to long experience with different shop and ERP-systems, Hucke Media is specialized on open source solutions like Magento and Odoo.


Contact to Hucke Media GmbH & Co. KG:

E-Mail: info(at)hucke.net

Gaxsys GmbH integrate stationary shops and retailer successfully into the online business of brands, chain stores or franchise systems. Although the g.a.x.-system connects a long-standing logistic experience with sustainable e-commerce technology.


Contact to gaxsys:

Tel: +49 (0) 721 78 34 301

E-Mail: info(at)gaxsys.com

Go E-Commerce is an internet agency from Mannheim, which develops, accompanies, and supervises e-commerce projects in every stage of development in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Contact to go eCommerce:

Tel: 0621-7622 1780

E-Mail: info(at)go-ecommerce.de

UDG United Digital Group is a leading company in Germany for intelligent digitalization of enterprises and its customer relations. So UDG for example develops digitalization strategies for brands, realizes unique brand experiences and leads them to success measurably.


Contact to United Digital Group:

Tel: +49 40 45 06 99 30
E-Mail: info(at)udg.de

DIS Agentur offers as a service provider an extensive support in e-commerce, e-marketing and e-business. So the agency develops individual web designs for homepages and advises retailers about individual shop solutions.


Contact to D-I-S:

Tel: 0711 - 3 51 18 03

Adebio is an authorized collection company and member of BDIU. The service portfolio includes for example protection against bad debts and debtor management.

Contact to adebio:

Tel: (08000) 233 246 

E-Mail: info(at)adebio.de

Shop solutions inclusive support, design, payment, marketing, inventory management & hosting. As heidelpays partner in Austria, Team Jung is specialized to provide a professional solution for nearly all areas of modern online retail.


Contact to Team Jung:

Tel: +43 12 051 085 366

E-mail: office(at)teamjung.com

WEBneo is an internet agency for online marketing from Dresden. Core competences are search engine marketing, newsletter marketing, social media marketing and many more.


Contact zu WEBneo:

Tel: 0351 44 00 44 22

E-mail: info(at)webneo.de

Steuerberaten.de is a tax consultancy company which is specialized on digital processing of tax consultancy services.


Contact to Steuerberaten.de:

Telefon: 0800 815 815 8

E-Mail: info(at)steuerberaten.de

PulsarFour GmbH is an e-commerce service provider ambitious e-commerce projects which base on Magento, Demandware and Oxid systems.


Contact to PulsarFour:

Tel: +49 (0)89 32211982

E-Mail: info(at)pulsarfour.com

InfinitePay ist eine ganzheitliche Möglichkeit zur vollautomatisierten Rechnungsabwicklung im B2B eCommerce. Diese Möglichkeit erleichtert Profi-Onlineshop-Betreibern das (Geschäfts-)Leben und senkt dabei ihre internen Prozesskosten. InfinitePay eignet sich für Online-Shop Betreiber, deren lokale und internationale Abnehmer hauptsächlich gewerbliche Kunden mit verschieden großen Warenkörben sind. Ohne Kontoführungsgebühren oder monatliche Grundgebühren, bietet der Service 100%-ige Zahlungsabsicherung, eine einfache und schnelle Integration in alle Online-Shops. Außerdem inbegriffen ist die Arbeit nach dem White-Label-Modell, in welchem der Kundenkontakt im Falle von Zahlungsverzögerungen im Namen des Auftraggebers stattfindet.

Contact to InfinitePay:

Tel.:     +49(0)6131-8928-190

E-Mail: werner.nelz-boettcher(at)fms-mainz.de

Obis/CONCEPT GmbH & Co.KG is a full service advertising agency. Service portfolio includes a complex e-commerce solution, conception and implementation of corporate designs and much more.


Contact to obis|CONCEPT:

Tel: 02261-91550-300

E-Mail: p.zwinge(at)obis-concept.de

Chase Paymentech offers, for companies that sell abroad, customized international processing solutions and guide them through the complexities of accepting credit card payments overseas. For smaller merchants and those growing at a rapid rate, chase Paymentech can walk you through the payments process and help you to plan for expansion.


Contact to Chase Paymentech:

Telephone: +44 845 399 1120

Idealo is the biggest price comparison platform in Germany and offers furthermore individual product- and buy advises. Up to 12 million consumers are using idealo per month, for comparing more than 190 million offers of 34000 retailers.


Contact to idealo:

Tel: +49 30 40 30 10 33

E-Mail: mail(at)idealo.de

D³ Date Development develops modules for establishing and extending your Oxid online shop professional. Furthermore d³ offers different services like imports, implementation of designs, establishing of technical add ons, and establishing individual setups.

Contact to D³:

E-Mail: info(at)shopmodule.com

Euroblaze is a leader in developing oxid e-sales-based e-commerce solutions. So euroblaze supports customers with know how, engagement and excellent development capacities.


Contact to euroblaze:

E-Mail: hallo(at)euroblaze.de

Twenty 2 is an innovative and creative internet agency which is specialized on e-commerce and web development. The service portfolio includes for example conception of online shops inclusive layout and design, creation and implementation of templates, connecting to ERP-systems, social media marketing and many more.


Contact to twenty2:

Tel: +49 89 3929807 - 22

E-Mail: info(at)twenty2.de

PNO Inkasso is a responsible collection company. The aim is, to realize outstanding claims of clients so fast as possible, mediativ and legally compliant.


Contact to PNO:

Tel: +49 (0) 991 2962-900


Unified Arts is a certified e-commerce agency from overseas, which is specialized on Magento and CMS based websites. Unified Arts focuses on development and adapting ambitious shop systems, plus establishing of add-ons and extensions for online shops.


Contact to UNIFIED ARTS:

Tel: 0700 864 34 332

E-Mail: kontakt(at)unifiedarts.de

Arvatis is a shopware agency which is specialized on connecting payment providers like heidelpay to online shops for a comfortable checkout process.


Contact to avartis:

Tel: (0)211 - 63 55 31 60

E-Mail: info(at)arvatis.com

Crehler is a full-service-agency, which is specialized on establishing online shops, developing plugins, graphic designs, online marketing, usability analysis, checkout optimization and much more.


Contact to Crehler:

Tel: +49 151 71 51 96 51

E-Mail: support(at)crehler.com

Exconcept is a service provider for web technologies, which is specialized on every current online shop- and content management system. Although Exconcept assumes for example the whole support and maintenance of your web performance.


Contact to EXCONCEPT:

Tel: 0711 9959620

E-Mail: hilfe-de(at)exconcept.com

IMS ist seit 1996 Full-Service Online-Agentur. Wir sind Ihr Partner von Beratung über Entwicklung, Programmierung, Hosting und Marketing Ihres E-Commerce-Projektes. Die Verknüpfung des stationären Handels mit dem Onlinehandel über Location Based Services und regionale Marktplätze sind weitere Spezialgebiete von IMS.

Kontakt zu IMS:

Telefon: 05722-8900-500

E-Mail: info@ims.de


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heidelpay, de omnichannel payment oplossing van de Heidelberger Payment GmbH, biedt u een full-feature payment voor e-commerce, m-commerce POS, MOTO, online marktplaatsen en andere distributiekanalen. Als officiële Duitse betaalinstelling, die onder toezicht staat van de Duitse toezichthouder Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungs-aufsicht (BaFin), biedt heidelpay u een unieke set van diensten met de hoogst mogelijke veiligheidsgraad. In de laatste 13 jaren heeft heidelpay in uiteenlopende sectoren meer dan 14.500 internationale projecten succesvol afgerond.

Onze missie is het om het betalingsverkeer tussen u en uw klanten zo soepel en veilig mogelijk te laten plaatsvinden. Daarom heeft u bij heidelpay een persoonlijke sprekende aanspreekpartner. Onze koppelingsmogelijkheden kennen een hoge graad van usability waardoor u snel en eenvoudig met heidelpay kunt koppelen. U ontvangt van ons in-house support team alle ondersteuning die u nodig heeft om snel en veilig betalingen te faciliteren en nog veel meer!